Thursday, 15 March 2012

Training people through video SMS is a lucrative biz proposition

The biggest problem that the renewable energy sector faces today is not land or finance, but skilled manpower. As that might raise some eyebrows, but the truth remains that although everyone out there wants a white-collared job for themselves; but many actually lack the skill set. As skill set comes in the topic, it would be a folly to only concentrate on ones hard skills. In an organisation there are something more than hard skills – they are called soft skills. While hard skills denote the IQ or Intelligence Quotient of a person, soft skills are about EQ or Emotional Quotient.

All organisations want to hire people who have a charming personality besides their professional skills. It creates a positive environment in the organisation. Of course hard skills are given the prior importance while selecting a candidate for a job, but one always wants people with a good attitude to work with.

However, it is to be noted that people who are a bit reserved can also create a positive environment around them, provided they have a right attitude. A person who smiles less need not necessarily be arrogant and create an ambience of stiffness.

Yet, in organisations where direct customer care service is involved, the human resource personnel prefer employees who are cheerful and mostly wear a smile on their face. When it comes to dealing with customers, who might get turned off if they get to see a grave face when they come for a service. Be it customer care executives, or air hostesses, soft skills play an important role. For employees of the hospitality industry and also aspiring actors and models, grooming also plays an important part.

Training people via video SMS: soft skills, grooming,

A lot of people want to get into modelling or find a career with any of the airlines, but grooming and developing soft skills is a problem. Once selected, the organizations do provide training to the candidates, but a prior knowledge always helps.

Organisations can train people by recording lessons and sending them out to candidates as a video SMS or video mail. Video communications always work better than anything else. The best part is that grooming and teaching soft skills is a time consuming process. With proper tutorials and tips training people will be easy for both the candidates and the employers.

Video SMS is a new technology and already it is a popular means of communication in a number of fields. Be it education, leisure, or entertainment video SMS and video mail can be used everywhere.

Grooming institutes and soft skill development training centres can use video SMS. A number of people want to groom themselves; but do not have ample time after they are done with all the daily chores. However, if they can get video classes on their mobiles or any other mobile devices, they might be interested in registering for the course. It will also be a cheaper way to impart the lessons as there need not be a regular instructor, and thus will also be easy on the pockets of those who want to take the classes.